The Importance of Maintenance

home maintenanceNow that security, services, and other home safety paraphernalia have been accounted for, it is time to discuss the upkeep the home and all its accessories. Letting proper maintenance fall by the wayside could create an entirely preventable disaster in the future. Besides fire alarm checks and plumbing alarms, there are plenty more home safety concerns to be considered.

Garage door maintenance may not seem like a common element to focus on, but it can be a real hazard (and a pain to fix) if not maintained. With the numerous times garage doors are opened and closed, it is important to tighten bolts and check roller blades. It is also good to open and close the door while listening closely. Hearing the garage door move while inside a car is not allowing tells of the lose parts to be heard. Remember, the power of these doors can dramatically injure to kill a person. If any major element seems to need repair, call a professional.

It keeps the dishes clean and the baths relaxing as it works in the background, not being seen or heard. Don’t forget the hot water heater. Neglect of this system can lead to a dangerous disaster or an unpleasant shower. Either way, all can be prevented with simple maintenance. Something that can be done is opening the drain spigot and allowing sediment to exit. It is also good to flush the heater by attaching a garden hose and letting the water drain out. This allows harmful sediment to decrease, thus extending the life of the hot water heater.

A simple thing that can be done for the home is an annual deep cleaning. Twice a year, make a point to clear out every single crevice that may get overlooked during typical daily cleaning. Moving furniture and appliances that generally stay in their designated location may be hiding a problem that needs to be resolved. Do this deep cleaning not only for the house in general, but for the stove, range top, refrigerator, and washing machine. Sometimes the little surprises found in these cleanings are not pleasant, but would have been much worse if put off for too long.

home maintenanceAmong many allergens that can be fought off by cleaning, mold is one of the worst. Anywhere and everywhere standing water is a possibility, mold is also a possibility. If a mold problem is detected, scrub surface with a water and bleach mixture. Use proper ventilation when cleaning with bleach. If the mold problem is larger than a simple scrubbing, contact a professional. They will have the proper safety equipment to get rid of the issue without harming themselves or those around them.

Maintenance is just a simply way to ensure the safety and comfort of loved ones and of the home. Performing household checkups and touchups of these common items can save time and money just as well as preventing personal injury. The only thing stopping these self checks from happening is procrastination, so don’t wait any longer.