Disaster Preparedness

house securityThe safety of the home begins well before moving in. This matter considers location, location, location. When shopping for a home, take note possible natural disasters in the area. Does this area flood often? Are we in hurricane ally? How often do tornadoes occur here? What Type of Commercial Garage Door Is Best for Your Business? Some of these are affected by the natural geography of the given location; others are man made mistakes such as building the house at the bottom of the hill, putting it directly into a flood zone. Whether the home owner has taken a risk a chosen a house in the red zone of natural disaster or simply wants to be prepared in the case of danger, there are several tips that can help reduce property damage and promote the safety of the family.

One of the first things that can be done to prepare is discussing a plan amongst all that live in the household. This can be a tough topic especially for children, but including all involved is absolutely necessary and could save a life. Being real and truthful about safety concerns, without exaggerating and creating an intentionally frightening topic, will open the door for an effective conversation. It may even be discovered that additional items or services should be purchased in order to have a sense of security. While discussing an escape plan, a storm shelter may become necessary. In the case of fire, perhaps new extinguishers need to be purchased.

Gathering materials is an essential part to keeping and maintaining a disaster plan. Things like matches, firewood, and cooking utensils should all be discussed as items needed incase a storm knocks out electricity. Consider a portable gas burner for preparing food and boiling water. When disasters occur, what used to be mere camping accessories can become life saving. Instead of putting any items that can be used for cooking or warmth in an outdoor storage building or hard to reach attic, try a downstairs closet. This way they can be easily reached if an unexpected event occurs and standard supplies will not do the trick.

house securityAnother thing to be done is to save extra water and non-perishable food. When buying food to save, take note of the expiration dates. As those dates approach, use the saved food and water and replace. This way the stock pile is never empty and the food and water is never wasted. When thinking of what foods to buy remember that canned foods and freeze dried foods do have expiration dates. However, freeze dried food could last up to twenty years. It could even be worth the investment to purchase a small home freeze dryer to begin storing portions.

The most important thing to do is maintain the plan that was established, and practice designated escape routes and exits within the home. Open communication and understanding of the plan is a key factor in safety. Ensure that young children have a grasp on what to do and who to contact in case of danger. Each family member or resident should be on the same page.