The Ins and Outs of Having a Safe Home

homeIn a busy world where anything could go wrong, the one place a person should feel safe and secure is inside their own home. Disaster could strike at any moment, but so can careless mistakes. The best thing a home owner should do is become enlightened about the many methods of keeping a safe home through annual maintenance and smart precautions. Home safety isn’t just about keeping inhabitants physically safe; it is about peace of mind and security through knowing the home is secure. This also includes financial well-being by preventing unnecessary damage and giving home owners and their family’s peace of mind.

The old saying goes, “luck favors the prepared.” This is because it truly has nothing to do with luck, but everything to do with being proactive. Some of the things to consider are the security of doors and windows, a plan in case of disaster, an up to date alarm system, keeping up with annual maintenance, and making sure that guests and children know the safety rules of the home. What are rolling shutters and how they help with the house safety? Following through with home safety guidelines and maintenance will give positive results in the long run.

Safe and Secure: Doors and Windows

Secure doors and windows not only protect dwellers from the elements, but from intruders as well. There are many styles and options available to fit any taste and lifestyle. Thus, the style and feel of the home does not have to be sacrificed for the sake of being safe. There is a door and a window for each purpose and personality, so take the time to research and consider what will work best for the needs of the household.

Where do criminals attempt to enter a home first? They go right through the front door. In 2015 alone over $1.5 million reported burglaries occurred, resulting in near $3.6 billion in property loss. This is all according to fbi.gov which also states that this trend is indeed a decrease of 7.8 percent in comparison to the previous year. It can be argued that the decrease occurring over the last couple years is due to improvements of home security products and availability of quality home options becoming more abundant. The first step in home safety is simply choosing a secure door.

homeMany models are available to choose from, but the most effective doors have a lot in common. First, consider a storm door with a fiber glass screen to cover your regular door. A sturdy storm door has features intended to allow a fresh breeze into the home, while being knife-proof. Having this outer door allows the home owner to enjoy natural light and fresh breeze without sacrificing security. If the two-door option doesn’t sound appealing, keep these other safety features in mind: Select a door with peepholes, but not large windows.

This insures those inside have the upper hand of knowing who is calling at the door. If a door window is a must, make sure the window is at a distance in which an intruder cannot break the window and in turn reach the lock. Hinges should be hidden and on the inside of the door. They are easily screwed and unscrewed. Choose a lock system that includes a deadbolt, and then actually use it.